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SilverCloud is an online system designed to help you learn about and reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. We also have a new program designed to help improve body image. Each program consists of articles, video clips, interactive activities, and short quizzes to help you learn about and reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. You work through weekly activities with the support of one of our trained clinicians who reviews your progress and provides feedback and encouragement. Because the system is online, you can work whenever and from wherever best suits your needs! Finally, SilverCloud is well-researched--meaning there is good evidence that it works!

**You must be a full-time BYU student to utilize this resource.**

To enroll or ask questions about SilverCloud, email your name, which program you are interested in (Anxiety, Body Image, Depression, or Stress), and whether or not you are a full time BYU student to:

For more information, read our FAQS below:

  • Does SilverCloud cost anything? No, it is provided for free by BYU CAPS.
  • Will SilverCloud take the place of regular therapy or treatment? No, you can be in therapy or seeking other types of counseling and still use SilverCloud. You can use SilverCloud as self-help without any further interaction with CAPS. However, if you report moderate to high levels of distress, you will be encouraged to seek therapy.
  • How much time does it take? SilverCloud is designed to take about a half an hour a week. The total program is designed to be used over eight (8) weeks.
  • What can I hope to gain from SilverCloud? You can learn new skills that will help you reduce your symptoms.
  • Why should I try SilverCloud instead of something else? 1) It's free! 2) It's been shown to work. 3) Because even if you seek counseling, you still have 167 other hours during the week to help yourself get better!
  • What happens if I stop using the system? You can stop at any time; however, your supporter will stop reviewing your work if you stop regularly using the system. You can access the SilverCloud system as a self-help tool for a year after enrollment even if you're no longer being supported by someone (or if you graduate, leave the University, etc.).
  • Who will be my supporter? Either a member of the CAPS faculty or a trained graduate student will be your supporter throughout the time you use SilverCloud.