Stress Management and Biofeedback Services

What is Biofeedback

Presentation on stress and relaxation, How to manage stress as a student, Releasing tension from your mind and body

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Call (801) 422-3035 for an individual biofeedback appointment

Walk-In Hours

Come to 1500 WSC. The first 3 people to arrive each hour can learn about Heart Rate Variability and play biofeedback games

Relaxation Recordings

Try these downloadable relaxation recordings.

Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the foundational skill for regulating stress and your best defense against stress overload

Paced Breathing


Help for a variety of stress-related issues like Anxiety, Concentration, Insomnia, Muscle Tension, Panic Attacks, Perfectionism, Worry, and more

Apps and Websites

Spirituality and Stress

Spiritual steps to reduce stress

Try our YouTube Channel

Learn more about stress management and try some relaxation techniques via our YouTube channel.

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