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BYU CAPS Premarital Workshop

July 13th through August 10th, Mondays 4-6p

It will be all online through Zoom

What is it:
Premarital education and counseling have been shown to have wonderful benefits for marriage over the long run. Marriage preparation programs like this have been shown to cut the divorce rate by more than thirty percent. We’re excited for the opportunity to help couples right from the start to create the kind of marriage they both want.

The workshop focuses on these four themes:

  1. What does a healthy relationship look like? Foundations for a successful marriage
  2. Communication and handling conflict positively: Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?
  3. Healthy sexuality in marriage: The talk your parents wanted to have with you
  4. Unity: Equal partnership and defining dreams of what you both want your marriage to be aboutCouples are expected to attend all five workshop sessions. The final session will be Financial Preparation for Newlyweds presentation and Q&A

“Considering the enormous importance of marriage, it is rather astonishing that we don’t make better preparation for its success. Usually, young couples date for a few months or for a year or two, enjoying romance and getting acquainted. But once they are married, they soon learn that romance must blend with spiritual beliefs, in-law relationships, money issues, and serious discussions involving ethics, children, and the running of a home. Too many people are inadequately prepared for this lofty responsibility.” David B. Haight, “Marriage and Divorce,” General Conference, April 1984. Also in: A Light Unto the World, p. 131-132

BYU Weekly did a TV segment on this premarital workshop in May 2013. They interviewed one of the couples then attending the workshop, and the leader of the workshop, Marty Erickson, about the workshop. You can view at this link:

Does it cost:
The workshop is free and is for engaged and newlywed couples (up to about 6 months married): One member of the couple must be a current BYU student.

How to attend:
To sign up, couples should email their names and request to: