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Mission Statement

The mission of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is to provide wellness programming and mental health treatment aimed at promoting positive mental health on campus. We recognize that students often encounter developmental, emotional, and interpersonal difficulties while in college, and we intervene on individual, group, and institutional levels to help students overcome obstacles and achieve their educational goals. We have specific expertise in college student mental health and provide evidence-based resources and interventions that help students achieve the “balanced development of the total person.”

CAPS Strategic Objectives

  1. Given our desire to better serve our diverse student body, we strive to hire and retain diverse faculty trained as scientist/practitioners
  2. Expand primary prevention work (teaching, outreach)
  3. Provide effective individual and group therapy, crisis work, and stress management (biofeedback and services)
  4. Provide training of graduate student clinicians consistent with meeting APA training guidelines
  5. Provide outreach and consultation to university community
  6. Conduct scholarly research and provide mentorship opportunities in scholarly pursuits