Relaxation Recordings

The Stress Management and Biofeedback Lab utilizes a series of eight relaxation techniques to help students manage the effects of stress they experience on a daily basis. By combining these techniques with biofeedback training and personal practice, students can develop a set of skills that will enable them to better recognize stress as it occurs and cope with it more effectively.

There is nothing particularly remarkable about any of these techniques. Rather, their value lies in the ability to provide a structured approach to relaxation and help give students a clear and compelling mental focus that can interrupt a worrisome, pessimistic, or negative pattern of thoughts. Through the techniques, students can learn to relax the body and mind, dealing with both the physical and mental aspects of stress.

By unburdening themselves in this way, students will be able to devote their full attention and energy to dealing with the problems they face. Relaxing the body and mind can promote better mental focus, relieve painful stress symptoms, refresh fatigued spirits, and calm worried or anxious thoughts.

Relaxation Techniques

Upon reading the medical disclaimer below, you may proceed to a page which contains a brief description of each technique and an MP3 audio recording. While these descriptions and recordings will likely not produce a level of relaxation as deep as coming to the lab, we have provided these recordings as introductions to the techniques. You can also use the recordings as reminders on how to use the technique after learning them at the lab or for reinforcing the techniques through daily practice.

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