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Coping with COVID-19: Workshops

BYU’s Counseling and Psychological Services is offering a series of workshops focused on coping with the mental health effects of COVID 19. Our series consists of four workshops that will repeat three times during the Winter 2021 semester and will happen via Zoom. The workshops are as follows:

Stress Management in the Age of COVID
COVID-19 has added even more stress to our already busy college lives. This 45 minute workshop provides tips and training about how to effectively manage the stress of college in the midst of a pandemic. Participants will learn about the effects of stress, how stress affects our minds and bodies, and strategies for coping with stress. Click on the date to access the zoom session:

How to Maintain Social Connection Amid Social Distance
Quarantine, isolation, social distance – COVID-19 has created a significant barrier to social relationships that we used to take for granted. But we can maintain healthy social connection, even in a global pandemic. This 45 minute workshop discussed the effects of COVID-19 on social connection and provides helpful suggestions for how to establish and maintain relationships even now. Click on the date for the zoom link:

Being Resilient
COVID-19 presents a number of challenges, but amid these challenges lie opportunities for growth. Even though we face problems that were unheard before the past year, we can adjust our expectations, practice flexibility, and strengthen our resilience. This workshop teaches techniques aimed at helping us increase our ability to be resilient. The workshop lasts 45 minutes. Click on the dates below for the zoom link:

How to Handle COVID Related Conflict
An unfortunate side effect of COVID-19 has been an increase in divisiveness and conflict. Different attitudes about COVID-19, different levels of compliance with COVID protocols, and even different political viewpoints have led to friction in relationships. Whether roommates or family members, this workshop teaches healthy ways to practice assertiveness and manage conflict. The workshop lasts 45 minutes. Click on the dates below for the zoom link: