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Description: Dr. Gary M. Burlingame completed his doctoral work in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah in 1983 and joined BYU’s faculty the same year. He is a professor of Psychology and has been affiliated with clinical psychology doctoral program since 1983. Dr. Burlingame’s scholarly work is focused in two areas: factors that lead to effective small group treatments in the treatment of mental and medical illness and measurement. He has contributed over 40 books and book chapters along with nearly 100 peer reviewed articles to the group literature and nearly 50 publications focusing on the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ 45) and Youth Outcome Questionnaire. Dr. Burlingame’s undergraduate and graduate teaching interests include measurement, research methodology, statistics and training in individual and group psychotherapy. 

Dr. Burlingame has served as a consultant to over 20 federal, state and private entities including the White House, Department of Labor, and the Food & Drug Administration. He has served as a consultant to private and state agencies in implementing changes in practice patterns to increase the use of group and outcomes-informed treatment. His direct training has been received by thousands of consumers, clinicians, line administrators and executive staff. He has received a number of career awards including national (American Psychological Association; American Group Psychotherapy Association) and international (German College of Psychosomatic Medicine) recognition. He is a fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the American Psychological Association (APA) where he served as President of APA’s Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy (2009-2011). Notable university awards for excellence in scholarship, teaching and citizenship include a University Professorship (2011-2016), the Wells & Myrle Cloward Teaching and Learning Fellowship (2007-2010) and the Abraham O. Smoot Citizenship Award (2005), respectively.

Dr. Burlingame and his colleague Michael Lambert co-developed OQ Measures which disseminates outcome instruments (e.g., OQ 45, YOQ, etc.) on five continents and nearly 40 languages. His most recent efforts have focused on training and implementation protocols that integrate outcome instruments into daily clinical practice supporting treatment planning and progress notes using evidence-based outcome instruments. Clinical settings that he’s worked with include private practice, statewide community mental health systems, state psychiatric hospitals, child/youth treatments (out/inpatient, day-treatment, residential, in-home, wilderness, etc.), military (e.g., VA and active duty), faith-based and neighborhood partnerships, consumer advocacy and federal agencies.