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Black Lives Matter: Response to Recent Events

Recent events have again laid bare the fact that the experiences of Black individuals in our society are much different than those of white individuals. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are only the latest incidents that highlight the fact that racism exists in society today.

At CAPS, we seek to call attention to the toll that individual, structural, and systemic racism exacts on Black persons in our country. Microaggressions, prejudice, oppression, and race-related trauma have severe impacts on the mental health of those who have to grapple with them on a daily basis.

With the strongest conviction possible, we condemn racism and violence in any form, and we seek to express our commitment to call attention to - and to challenge - racist thought and behavior wherever it is found.

We also seek to provide a safe space for those on campus who struggle to cope with an environment that often marginalizes them. To this end, we offer crisis sessions, ongoing individual therapy, and group therapy to Black students who need a place to talk through any reactions they hold. Our services are free and currently have no wait time. If you feel you could benefit from an understanding space to process your thoughts and feelings, please call us at 801-422-3035 or visit us at